A Wonderful Day in Maine

My hubby and I traveled to ME to attend my GHS Class of ’65 reunion – it was 52 years, and we met to celebrate the fact that most of us would be turning 70 sometime during the year. It was a very nice time with lots of food and fun catching up with former classmates. You notice I avoided the use of the word “old.”

Anyway, on Monday, while Adrian did genealogical research at Portland Public Library, my brother took me on a “tourist” tour. I especially enjoyed Fort William’s Park that had great vistas and a wonderful spot to take photos of Portland Headlight. We also went to Bug Light. I got to visit my latest great-great nephew at my brother’s house, got treated to a whole belly fried clam dinner, and got to go shopping at Portland’s Trader Joe’s. I’m adding some photos. The home bedecked with flowers was on the road to Fort William’s. I made my brother stop so I could get out and take a photo. The owner was very gracious. Several others stopped to take photos, as well

The old cast iron pot planted with pansies sits now on my brother’s lawn. It was on the front lawn at the farm all the years I lived there, and our grandmother, Nana, always kept it planted with beautiful flowers. I’m so glad my brother rescued it.


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