Messing Around on Laptop-Google+ and Looking at Old Pictures

It’s a damp and cold Friday night. My hubby is reading and listening to music in the living room, and I’m in my office, a tiny room which once was bedroom to my two sons, now grown and out on their own. I don’t know how they managed in such a small room, but they got along, thankfully.

Anyway, I was poking around on Google+ and spent quite a bit of time following links. I watched a TED talk from the inventor of the Bigshot camera – a kit that enables kids of all ages to put together a 3 megapixel camera that has a flash and takes regular, panoramic, and 3D photos.Bigshot Kit It is reasonably priced and can engender all kinds of learning and creativity.

I was also enchanted by a Google+ post showing a 12 year old and his prosthetic hand created on a 3-D printer. This was a very exciting video. I had visited my old middle school on Wednesday of this week and spent a few minutes chatting with Mr. K. Berean, our technology teacher. He showed me the 3-D printer that he managed to get for his lab. The printer was busy creating a personalized trophy for one of his robotics club He also showed me a project that students in his elective had done on the topic of a prosthetic hand and the improvements they suggested for it. Needless to say, that made me even more excited when I discovered the video. I immediately shared the link with him and hope he shares it with the students.

I also voted for Paul Bogush’s class who are finalists in a contest to win a classroom lab of Acer laptops:

Make sure to go to the link and vote for Moran. All you need to do is submit a valid email address for your vote to be counted.

So, finally, after wandering around in cyberspace, I decided to explore some files on my own laptop, and I came across this picture I took a few years ago at my mother-in-law’s house in Camden, Maine. She and her sister adopted two kitties, Zach and Pasha, from the local shelter, and they were her heart’s desire. She passed a couple of years ago, but her sister still has the cats for company. Anyway, as you can see, my mother-in-law had purchased a ceramic kitty and had it securely roped to the stand so it wouldn’t get knocked down by the living kitties. I caught this picture of Zach sitting in almost exactly the identical pose to the ceramic kitty. Really, the only difference is that the ceramic kitty has no tail and is wearing a bow. The flash reflected in Zach’s eyes, but I thought it appropriate to leave it and not edit it out. I hope you enjoy looking at the picture.

I's amazing - as if Zach said, "Hmmm, I can sit like that!"

I’s amazing – as if Zach said, “Hmmm, I can sit like that!”