Happy Halloween! Farewell to Connected Educator’s Month

It is hard to believe it is October 31, 2013.

I have been in the consuming mode instead of the creating and sharing mode for a long time. My last post, after I converted my blog from Posterous to Word Press, was in May. It was so exciting to have Susan Branch comment on that post. I have been following her blog as susanbranch.com since last October, and I am amazed at all she does. She is currently on tour cross country promoting her book, A Fine Romance, which outlines her and her husband’s trip to England in the late spring of 2012. I purchased the book from Amazon, and I must say, I am savoring every word, picture, and illustration. The story of how she and Joe met, connected, fell in love, and became soul mates is just so wonderful – and that story is told in just the first few pages of the book. I highly recommend that people read her book and her blog. I just previewed this post to see if the link was active, and it was. Guess what, she has a new post for October 31 with pics of Halloween at her home on Martha’s Vineyard. However, they are from another year, for they are now in California. I am so hooked on all things Susan Branch.

Anyway, getting back to the reason for this post. I just participated in a two-hour wrap-up party for Connected Educator’s Month. It was exhausting but fun, and I decided to follow through on my goal as a connected educator – to produce more content of my own, instead of simply consuming that created by others.

I worked on a post on 3D printing that had been germinating in my brain since summer when I saw a 3D MakerBot Replicator in action at the Microsoft Store at Danbury Fair Mall. I did a bit of research on 3D printing and what it means to K-12 education before I posted the blog to the Connecticut Leadership Council Blog site on DEN. Here is the link:

I also hope to blog about other things that interest me at this site.

I retired from teaching a little over a year ago. I have enjoyed having the time to travel, cook, read, watch Korean dramas on Hulu.com, sit in my backyard, go through all my stuff, throw some away, catch up on correspondence, sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning, have time with the hubby, make dinner for the kids when they visit, go off on adventures with girlfriends, swim at the gym, walk, and so much more. However, my passion always was and always will be – teaching. I am working on reinventing myself, and finding a way to continue teaching is one of my goals.

I am hoping, for myself, that I post to this blog on a much more regular basis.

And now, it’s almost November 1, 2013. ┬áRabbit! Rabbit!