I am so blessed – backyard pleasures

It is May 4, 2013. The mornings are still chill, but when the breeze is still, it’s quite pleasant to sit out in the backyard. It has been quite dry over the past week, and we really are going to need some rain soon, but having the sunny, spring weather has been a real gift. This year is the first year I’ve been able to enjoy the morning beauty of the pond resplendent with its border of violets. I miss teaching and the kinship with students and other teachers, but having time to putz around my kitchen and look out the window at this view helps me to cope.





4 thoughts on “I am so blessed – backyard pleasures

  1. Happy Saturday, to you, Susan. Good luck on your healthy lifestyle commitment. You inspire me with all you do. Good luck getting ready for your wonderful tour. I hope to visit Martha’s Vineyard this summer. I have never been there, but one of my former students spent all his summers there.

  2. What a lovely garden! I’m happy to discover your blog, through Susan. Kindred spirits! I am also meandering through my first year of retirement… after 35 happy years in second grade. It has been so nice to slow down and truly appreciate the small moments of each day and the beauty of each season. I have been counting my blessings out loud each and every day. With the arrival of Spring, I am also so happy to have time in the garden each day! Happy garden days!

    • Hi, Dawn,
      I am so happy that you left a comment on my blog. It really makes the posting worthwhile.
      35 years straight as a second-grade teacher deserves a medal! I think the lower the grade, the more demanding the teaching (although high school and college teachers deny that).
      I would love to see pictures of your garden. Do you have a blog? I’ll look forward to getting in touch with you. Susan has introduced so many kindred spirits on her blog. She is a blessing to all of us.

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