The Wild Violets were so Lovely

I’ve been remiss in posting to this blog. Here is another view of the pond taken in mid-April when all of the wild violets that my husband has so lovingly transplanted were in full bloom. They lasted a couple of weeks and were a continual source of pleasure. It’s hard to believe that many see these perennial beauties as weeds and do their best to dig them out and destroy them.


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Beautiful Water Iris

Every day something new blossoms – God’s magnificent wonders displayed!
It is such a privilege to have this wonderful backyard paradise to enjoy.

iris in pondreduced

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Note: It is May 4, 2013, and I just edited this post. Somehow I had the wrong picture inserted into the post. These are the water iris. It is too early yet for them, but they should be blooming by the end of the month. This year the pond is resplendent with purple and white violets.