I’ll be doing a workshop on Blogging for my district on March 30.

I was hoping to include Posterous as one of the options that teachers interested in blogging might use. However, after reading that it has been acquired by Twitter and after the very cryptic message about backing up my posts to another blog site, it makes me very uncomfortable.

Posterous was such a great tool for educational purposes. I really like the fact that teachers could set up a blog that students could easily post to, and yet the teacher could moderated those posts before they became public.

The science teacher in my school set up a Posterous account for his 7th graders prior to a field trip to the CT Science Museum. The students were given the email address, and they were able to take pictures with their smartphones of different exhibits that interested them, add some commentary, and then post it to the blog. It was a pretty nice experiment.

Twitter is such a great platform for teachers to connect and share resources. I don’t understand why they would do anything to hurt current Posterous bloggers.

I do hope the folks at Posterous give us some clearer guidelines of how to proceed. Their last post was on March 12, and there has been no other word since then.

I do remember how educators embraced the Ning collaboration area and how the owners betrayed their trust. I hope Posterous does not go the same route.


5 thoughts on “I’ll be doing a workshop on Blogging for my district on March 30.

  1. After doing some reading, I decided to continue with Posterous. It is still an easy intro into blogging and worse case scenario is a year from now you can just download your stuff and transfer it somewhere else.

    • Hi, Paul. Well, I’ve done just that. Posterous was nice enough to give me a download of all my posts and pictures and videos as well as a file to make it easy to transfer them to a Word Press blog. I followed the very well-written directions from Word Press for importing the content of my Posterous blog, and it worked like a charm. Thanks Word Press.

  2. Thanks, Paul. I am of the same mind. It amazed me that the announcement generated over 3,000 comments, and most folks were really discouraged by the announcement. I would be thrilled if you would add a short guest post to my blog by emailing carolteach4@posterous.com. I could show that to the folks tomorrow.Also, I am not sure why, but your comment came to me 6 times. They were all identical, so I only approved one.

  3. @20 Percent – well, your comment came through. Thanks.I will have to find time to read your blog. I do feel strongly that we devote more time in school to hearing student voice.

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