AirSketch – project a drawing on your iPad to your SmartBoard or White board from any location in your classroom

Download the free version of AirSketch, get the address it assigns, type that address into your HTML5 enabled browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), and your computer (connected to your projection device) goes to a website, shows a drawing canvas, and what you draw on your iPad shows up on the board you are projecting to. There may be a little lag time, but it’s neat. You could walk around the room and have different students participate in a brainstorming session. The paid version (approx. $10.00) gives you a lot more features.


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Westchester Day of Discovery


I am so excited to be listening to Hall Davidson at Discovery Education’s Day of Discovery at Westchester Community Center in White Plains, NY. Right now he’s reviewing media through the years, and how today’s digital media is transformative. We have to use this in our classes.