Session on Scratch at CECA/CASL 2011

Such a great program from MIT. I would love to find the time to get better at this. However, just because I’m not an expert doesn’t mean I shouldn’t offer it to my students. In fact, our students are often delighted to teach us. Now we are reviewing the basics with our presenter. Get rid of drill and kill. Have kids use creativity to teach skills.


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Lodge McCammon presenting flipping the classroom with FIZZ

A new generation of learners needs new teaching techniques. No lecture in classroom, but create a FIZZ lecture series. Students watch videos outside of classroom freeing up teacher to be a facilitator for students creating, collaborating, learning, teaching, sharing, publishing in the classroom. This flipped classroom technique allows teachers to individualize and meet the needs of a much larger percent of students in the class. Ideally, ALL students are engaged and challenged.


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