Experimenting with others posting to my blog.

At my classroom blog at http://evolvingclassroombethany.blogspot.com -viewers can leave comments which are posted after I moderate them.

That is also the case at Posterous. However, another feature is available at Posterous. Simply by emailing carolteach4@posterous.com, a guest can actually create a post. That is what happened in the short post beneath this one. Maribeth was helping me experiment with this feature, and she emailed that text from her phone to the address. It came to me in an email, and I had to log in to my site to approve the post, but it’s as simple as that.

Just think – a teacher could set up a posterous blog – say discussing some big idea tied into the lesson of the day – give the email to the students, and they could all be guest bloggers, sharing their opinions -adding pictures and videos – etc. Then, the teacher could moderate as they came in, and students would see their contribution and that of their classmates. This has great potential for students on field trips quickly sending pictures and updates back to the class.


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