Making ableskivers in a 100+ year old pan


This morning, the last one of summer vacation, for real, I decided to do something that’s been on my list all summer- make ableskivers, little round Danish pancakes that were a specialty of my Nana and my mom. It’s involved in that you have to beat egg whites separately and then fold them into the batter and then cook them in an ableskiver pan on two burners to control the heat. My first batch was a little rough because I sprayed the pan with just butter spray, and the round pancakes stuck as I flipped them in the cavity. I switched to a baking spray with flour, and then it was a breeze. I just had to be watchful that they didn’t burn, so I had a lower heat burner on to switch to. My mom always bemoaned switching from gas to electric because she had so much more heat control on the gas stove. Anyway, my husband gave me an A+, unusual for him, so I guess they were good. I took pictures with my iPhone as well a my regular camera to capture the process for sharing. That’s what 21st Century teaching and learning is about.


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