No contact sharing showing that I can see. Very frustrating.


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I contacted Google support, and learned that contacts hadn’t been added to the dashboard. They added it, and when I went into domain settings- user- there was the option to turn on contact sharing. I did, and it works! I’m so happy! Thanks Google.


Park Ridge Marriott indoor-outdoor pool

Along with the great staff, swimming in this pool was the highlight of my stay. I’ll cherish the memory all fall and winter.
Back to school and new learning adventures- relaxed and reinvigorated.


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Upset with the new Posterous interface!

I wrote two posts from my iPhone, and they both failed. I could not retrieve what I’d written in the post even though it looked to save. It simple said, “Sorry, failed to upload. Try when you have a better connection. I was on my home wireless, and all bars were lit. I’d been praising the ease and spontaneity of using Posterous, so this is definitely a setback.

Listening to my students!

I made a vow at the end of my Featured Teacher presentation on Classroom 2.0 on August 27,  that I was going to try and “shut up” and listen more to my students’ stories. I did just that a few minutes ago. It was the end of a tech class that the fantastic Mr. Berean, our tech ed teacher here at Amity was running, and I had a couple of minutes to chat with one of his students. I was sharing with her how I hoped that this year we’d make more connections with students in other part of the US and the world, and in passing, I asked if she had a passion – and she does. In five minutes I learned about how she and her mom are going for their license to be official bird rehabilitators, how she raises rabbits and participates in shows and has won many awards. She told me she is going to a special high school next year that has an agricultural program – and so much more. I wish I had taken notes. Anyway, I encouraged her to start a Posterous blog to share some of her wonderful accomplishments with others, and I do hope she does! I’m so psyched!