First Day of school cancelled due to Hurricane Irene

It’s 6:50am, and I should be on my way to the high school for a teacher’s only day, but I got a call on Saturday from our emergency phone tree that school was cancelled on Monday. As far as I know, the kids are still scheduled to arrive on Tuesday- a staggered schedule with 7th graders coming in at 7:30am for an orientation and 8th graders arriving at 9:30. I haven’t heard otherwise, and the school website has been down since early Sunday morning, so I’m assuming they’ve lost power at the high school.
That makes me all the more pleased that soon we’ll have a district-wide Google apps for education in place. That will give us an additional communication portal. We will have to get into the habit of checking our mail there as well as from our district portal. So- for now, I’m going to enjoy the day. It’s still and chilly- 50 degrees when I went out with my camera a little while ago. There are lots of limbs down and leaves everywhere, but fortunately no significant damage and only a little water in the basement. I pray for all those who lost loved ones. It was a damaging storm, and I’m very relieved it didn’t live up to the hype. Who knows how many more lives would have been lost if folks hadn’t listened to the warnings.


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