Last Friday before school begins


It’s a gorgeous Friday afternoon, and I’m determined to enjoy it in my backyard. Who knows what the weather tomorrow will be with Hurricane Irene on the way. I missed out on the beautiful outside weather on Tuesday because I stayed inside the entire day participating in SimpleK12’s Day of Learning and putting the final touches on my presentation on Classroom2.0 tomorrow. I still can’t believe Peggy invited me to be featured teacher. There are so many others miles ahead of where I am, but I guess I’m representative of teachers who work very hard day in and day out to build a climate where other teachers feel comfortable embracing technology to enhance engagement and learning in their classrooms. We are not all a Vicki Davis or Bob Sprankle or David Warlick or Richard Byrne or Peggy George or any number of tech gurus, but we can have them in our learning network. Sometimes we can actually be of value to them as well.
Anyway, I hope someone will find a valuable take-away from my presentation tomorrow. I was both terrified to accept the challenge and terrified not to. Wish me luck.
The picture above is just one reason I love my backyard.


2 thoughts on “Last Friday before school begins

  1. Hey Carol,Yeah, it was a great garden year. Unlike you, I njoyed every possible day in the garden and only worked on school/tech stuff when the weather "permitted" (so to speak). Like you, I’m looking forward to Monday. There is so much techy stuff to incorporate, I am hoping we come up with a plan to slowly work it in. We’ll see, Tom

  2. Hi, chica –Yes, I read your post. Pix are glorious. Am trying to find classroom 2.0 so I can watch your presentation. See you Monday or not!Xoxo

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