Posterous is Great for Capturing the Moment

What a great educational tool posterous is! It not only allows you to post pictures, you can also capture video. Listen as you watch this short clip of my pond. Hear the soothing splash and splish, the whir of the cicadas, the chip of the cricket. If I weren’t afraid of being chewed alive by mosquitos, I could sit in that chair by the pond from dusk until darkness descends.
Just think about how this app will make it so easy for our students to capture moments to enhance their learning and to share with others.


Another Gorgeous Day


Another beautiful day is nearly at a close. It’s too bad it took a hurricane to usher in such delicious days. If we had to lose school days, I can’t think of how the weather could have been more beautiful. I’m so appreciative of having this extra time to enjoy my backyard. I’m also enjoying the luxury of time to catch up on my school blog, try out new apps for the coming school year, and practice using posterous.

First Day of school cancelled due to Hurricane Irene

It’s 6:50am, and I should be on my way to the high school for a teacher’s only day, but I got a call on Saturday from our emergency phone tree that school was cancelled on Monday. As far as I know, the kids are still scheduled to arrive on Tuesday- a staggered schedule with 7th graders coming in at 7:30am for an orientation and 8th graders arriving at 9:30. I haven’t heard otherwise, and the school website has been down since early Sunday morning, so I’m assuming they’ve lost power at the high school.
That makes me all the more pleased that soon we’ll have a district-wide Google apps for education in place. That will give us an additional communication portal. We will have to get into the habit of checking our mail there as well as from our district portal. So- for now, I’m going to enjoy the day. It’s still and chilly- 50 degrees when I went out with my camera a little while ago. There are lots of limbs down and leaves everywhere, but fortunately no significant damage and only a little water in the basement. I pray for all those who lost loved ones. It was a damaging storm, and I’m very relieved it didn’t live up to the hype. Who knows how many more lives would have been lost if folks hadn’t listened to the warnings.

Last Friday before school begins


It’s a gorgeous Friday afternoon, and I’m determined to enjoy it in my backyard. Who knows what the weather tomorrow will be with Hurricane Irene on the way. I missed out on the beautiful outside weather on Tuesday because I stayed inside the entire day participating in SimpleK12’s Day of Learning and putting the final touches on my presentation on Classroom2.0 tomorrow. I still can’t believe Peggy invited me to be featured teacher. There are so many others miles ahead of where I am, but I guess I’m representative of teachers who work very hard day in and day out to build a climate where other teachers feel comfortable embracing technology to enhance engagement and learning in their classrooms. We are not all a Vicki Davis or Bob Sprankle or David Warlick or Richard Byrne or Peggy George or any number of tech gurus, but we can have them in our learning network. Sometimes we can actually be of value to them as well.
Anyway, I hope someone will find a valuable take-away from my presentation tomorrow. I was both terrified to accept the challenge and terrified not to. Wish me luck.
The picture above is just one reason I love my backyard.